Police Station

This is where it usually starts. An allegation has been made against you and you are taken into Police custody whilst the Police investigate the offence and interview you. You may not have been arrested but asked to attend the Police Station for a voluntary interview.

On arrival at the Police Station you will be asked if you want a solicitor notified of your arrest who can assist with the procedure and advise you in interview. We are available 24/7, 365 days of the year and we will ensure that one of our solicitors or consultants attends the Police Station with you. If, we are unable to attend personally, we can arrange for another fully qualified solicitor or Police Station Representative to attend.

This service is free of charge.

You may not have been arrested yourself, you could have a friend or family member who has been taken into custody. If you call us we can make contact with the Police on your behalf to ensure that the detained person is aware of their rights.
Increasingly the Police are making arrangement to speak to suspects by appointment. This means that they make arrangement with you to surrender to the Police Station for a voluntary interview under caution. When the arrangements are made you can ask the officer to contact us to attend the voluntary interview with you. This means that you will not be kept waiting on arrival if you then decide you do want a solicitor. Alternatively, you can contact us direct. Either way, we can arrange to attend at no cost to you.


Other agencies may also want to speak to you under caution in relation to criminal offences. For example, the DWP may wish to interview an individual where they suspect there has been an unlawful claim for benefits. Whilst these are “under caution” they do not qualify automatically under the Legal Aid scheme for free advice. If you are facing an interview with the DWP or other organisation please call us. If you are on benefits you may qualify for free legal advice, in other circumstances we can provide you with a competitive quote to attend with you. You may not have been arrested but asked to attend the Police Station for a voluntary interview.