Criminal Defence and Road Traffic Specialist

Services – Crown Court

Whilst most cases are conclude at the Magistrates Court a large number of more serious offences are sent to the Crown Court. Cases are dealt with at the Crown Court in preference to the Magistrates Court for a variety of reasons. It could be that the case is too serious to be dealt with by the Magistrates, or because a particular defendant has chosen to have his or her trial before a jury.

We have considerable experience in dealing with a wide cross section of offences at the Crown Court. Your case will be prepared by a solicitor who would be assisted by a clerk.

You will be represented in Court either by one of our in-house Solicitor Advocates or a barrister, (Counsel).

We have excellent working relationships with a number of Counsels’ Chambers.

Examples of the type of offences that we regularly deal with include; Arson, Affray, ABH, Burglary, Dangerous Driving, Drugs Offences, Fraud, GBH, Murder, Rape and other Sexual Offences, Theft, and Violent Disorder.

Public Funding,(Legal Aid), is available to cover the cost of representation in the Crown Court. However you may have to pay a contribution to your costs which will be calculated by the Court. If you are under 18,or in receipt of certain benefits you will not have to pay a contribution. We will be able to advise you whether you qualify, whether you will have to pay a contribution and we will be able to assist in completing your application form.

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