Police Station

If you are being interviewed under caution you have the right to a solicitor present. This will occur if you have been arrested or if you are invited to the Police Station for a voluntary interview.

The Legal Aid Agency provide funding to cover the cost of our attendance so there will be no cost to you.

Legal Aid

Magistrates Court

Legal Aid in the Magistrates Court is complicated but we can assist you with your application. we will ask you to sign an application which we will then submit online to the Legal Aid Agency.

The application will be considered on two bases.

a) The interests of Justice test, and

b) Financial Qualifications.

To qualify you will need to get over both hurdles.

The Interest of Justice test

We can ensure that the Legal Aid Agency is given sufficient information to decide whether you meet the criteria, most criminal offences do. There is a right of appeal if your application is rejected on these grounds and again we can help with the appeal.

Financial Qualifications

We can help you to answer the questions about your finical status. If you are on benefits the application will be straight forward.

We will need your National Insurance Number and confirmation as to what benefit you receive.

If you are working or self employed, the application can be more complicated we will need to ask you for documents to establish your financial position. These can include wage slips, bank statements, tax returns and rental agreements.

If you want to make an application for Legal Aid please call us.


Crown Court

Funding to cover the cost of your defence is available in The Crown Court.

The regulations differ from The Magistrates Court and in the vast majority of case legal aid will be grated, although this can sometimes be a contribution.

To make an application please give us a call and make an appointment.

If you win your case in The Crown Court you will be able to recover your contributions. However , if you decide to pay privately then even if you are acquitted you cannot recover your costs.

We can discuss these issues with you in more detail.